04.23.10More news

A few bits of news this time. First, politics. Election day here is coming up and I can vote, which of course I will be doing. Very exciting. I will be voting for Paul Weller. What do you mean he's not running?

MTTB Quartet- we've secured our house Jazz band status at Carnivale, a great Whitechapel club we all love playing at, thanks to Jamie Bannister and the rest of the staff there, even if Matt gets sick of me pointing out Jack the Ripper sites each time we drive down there. Come check us out the 2nd Thursday of each month. We'll be making a little recording soon as well, so watch this space. Also, Ben has made a facebook group for us, so if you're on there (which I realise everyone is except me), join up and follow us. Whatever that means in facebook-speak...

BigFOOT- Ben McDonnell, Andy Noble and I have begun the process of a B3 trio! We're going to do some funky stuff, think MMW, Sco's Hand Jive etc. Looking forward to it, it will be a blast. Haven't played with a B3 player since Andy Carballiera at Berklee. Man we drank a lot of espresso in that band. Man we played fast after drinking all that espresso.

Lots of other things happening as well, so check out the live dates here on my website to see what I'm doing and where. Thomas Silvani from Sunroom is also mixing the album we recorded before I left Canada so when we get that out, you'll be able to buy it here.

12.26.09A Few Months On

After living in London for almost 6 months, I can report that things are coming along pretty well. I'm teaching (even teaching some guitar on my new Telecaster!) and playing with a lot of great musicians in a lot of really interesting places here in the city (and sometimes outside it). One of the pubs ('The Birds Nest' in Deptford Park) even had a silkscreen of Lemmy on the wall, how can you not love that, playing some great Jazz and looking over to see LEMMY! Those of you who know my love of Motorhead will understand, those who do not, will be going 'who?'. Who indeed... Also, I have not been hit by a car or bus yet. Nearly by a guy on a scooter, but they are small so no problem either way.

I'm currently involved in a few original projects now so watch this space for random updates. I'm also going to work on putting together a new group to play some of my orginals as well, finally. More news when there's more news (and when I remember to post gig dates, which is even rarer than news updates, I know).

I've added a few links and bits and bobs to the site here and there as well.


So it would appear that I live in London, England. Most of you already knew this, but it's worth a news update anyway, since it IS a rather large deal. I'm getting on pretty well, I llive above a record store that has more obscure stuff that you can imagine and down the street from a video store that has a better selection than anywhere I've ever seen. Watch this space for updates.

04.25.09More news.... kinda

There's some new music up on my myspace (www.myspace.com/greggbrennan) from Viewfinder, Shrill Life and Aiseiri.

Also check the 'live' section of this site for a couple new shows coming up, including the debut of Sunroom with Thomas Silvani and Paul Newman featuring Thomas' inimitable and incredibly addicting compositions. Ask Paul. Or me.


This site is new(s). There's more to come so check back until it looks done, at which point, it probably will be.