what you can buy (and what you can't).

What you can:

Zentropa- Safe House-2008- £8

Gregg Brennan Aiséiri Quartet- Bird on Triangle- 2005 (Standback Records)- £6

Perry-Brennan Duo- Music For Brass and Percussion- 2007- |£10

Gregg Brennan Shrill Life Sextet- Fish- 2001 (Hippo Stomp Music)- £10

Jeff Perry Quartet- Foundation- 2002 (Carpet Head Music)- £12

(The Shrill Life, Aiseiri and Perry/Brennan CDs are available in London at Sound 323/Second Layer Records)

Stuff you can't buy but can come over to my house and listen to (if you bring tea):

Gregg Brennan: Solodrummusic- 2003;Marios Takoushis Trio- Standards 1-3-2001-2002;Galuten, Mainer, Brennan-GMB 1-2, 2000-2003.

All prices are in GBP. Use the contact page to order. For Jeff Perry CDs, visit Jeff's site at